Payment Terms

Applicable to: All Affiliates / Partners

  1. iRefers works on NET30 payment terms across all advertisers
  2. Payment on confirmed is sent in the first week of next month (Pls refer ‘Validation Process’ tab to know confirmation status & time)
  3. Example – Work done in April 2017, numbers will be validated by 30 May 2017 & will be paid in the first week of June 2017
  4. Any pending sales will be added to next payment cycle



For Indian Affiliates

  1. iRefers works on a default threshold of Rs. 1,000 in approved commissions. All Indian publishers are paid via NEFT/RTGS (Bank Transfer) only.

For International Affiliates (Non Indian)

  1. The threshold for international publishers is USD 100.
  2. Payments between USD 100 & USD 999 are sent via Paypal only
  3. All payments over USD 1,000 are sent via International Wire Transfer only
  4. If an affiliate has payable commission below USD 1,000 & requests for payments via Wire Transfer instead of Paypal, an additional fee of USD 50 will be levied (to compensate for bank charges & other fees).
  5. For all payments via Wire Transfer, an invoice is mandatory


Validation Process

Applicable to: All Affiliates

  1. By default, all conversions are shown as approved in your publisher panel
  2. We reconcile each conversion with advertisers to ensure that none fall in “Return Criteria” mentioned in offer description
  3. Numbers for previous month are confirmed by last day of current month
  4. Pending ones will be marked as “Pending” if they are not reconciled in time (usually due to 30-day return policy of Indian e-commerce merchants)
  5. Example – Validated numbers for April 2017 will be updated in panel by 30 May 2017


Taxes / Service Tax / GST

Applicable to: Indian Affiliates with valid Service Tax / GST number

iRefers will pay Service Tax / GST for work done w.e.f. 1st July, 2017 & after.

How to avail:

  1. Please confirm billable numbers from your affiliate manager
  2. Send valid invoice with your GST number (instructions for invoice are below)



(Applicable to: All Indian Affiliates)

iRefers deducts TDS @

  1. 2% for companies with valid PAN card number.
  2. 1% for individuals with valid PAN card number.

Payment for Indian affiliates without valid PAN card number will be on hold till provided.

Non – Indian Publishers

iRefers doesn’t deduct any tax for Non-Indian companies. All international companies have to provide a Permanent Establishment certificate.


Invoice Guidelines

Applicable to: Indian Affiliates Charging Goods & Services Tax & All International Affiliates

For iRefers to process your payments on time, please ensure your invoices are correct & as per guidelines below:

  1. The invoice should be in favor of “Buffett India Financial Services”, 1916/A, Malka Ganj, Delhi – 110007, INDIA.
  2. Invoice should clearly mention your company name
  3. Invoice should clearly mention your affiliate ID with iRefers (If you don’t know your affiliate ID, please get in touch with your affiliate manager)
  4. Invoice should clearly mention month of activity
  5. Invoice should have offer-wise split of payout and quantity (You can confirm this with your affiliate manager on a monthly basis before invoice is raised)
  6. For Indian publishers: Invoice should clearly mention PAN #, GST # & NEFT Information.
  7. For International publishers: Invoice should contain your wire details in the following format:
    1. Beneficiary name:
    2. Beneficiary address:
    3. Bank name:
    4. Bank address:
    5. Swift:
    6. Account number / IBAN:
    7. IFSC Code:


Forex Rate

Applicable to: International Affiliates

  1. iRefers can pay in USD
  2. INR to USD conversion rate will be decided at the date of payment
  3. For invoice – please confirm exchange rate with your account manager